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So Funny!Gwen Stefani's Got Miranda Lambert's Ex, Lambert's Got Stefani's Old Hair!

After tuning in to Wednesday night’s , it quickly became apparent that Miranda Lambert and  may have more in common than Blake Shelton: .

Back in July, Shelton  from Lambert after four years of marriage. At the time, the couple released a statement saying, “This is not the future we envisioned and it is with heavy heart that we move forward separately. We are real people, with real lives, with real family, friends and colleagues. Therefore, we kindly ask for privacy and compassion concerning this very personal matter.”

Recently Shelton has been spotted getting very cozy with Gwen Stefani, his co-star from The Voice. (Stefani filed for her own divorce from rocker Gavin Rossdale in August citing “irreconcilable differences.”) Shelton and Stefani were seen together this past weekend at Maroon 5’s Halloween party, with Shelton’s hands all over the No Doubt songstress.

Wednesday night, Shelton’s rep confirmed to E! News that he is, in fact, dating Stefani. She was spotted flying to Nashville, igniting rumors that she may be attending the CMAs. The whole thing came full circle when Lambert — who’s nominated for four Country Music Awards including Entertainer of the Year —walked the red carpet with dyed pink hair. We actually think she looks quite youthful and hip, but immediately thought of Gwen Stefani, who rocked pink hair (among other candy-colored shades) over a decade ago. Is Lambert’s look a breakup style, a Stefani reboot, or merely hopping on the pink hair bandwagon? We reached out to two New York City stylists for answers.

“Pink hair is still very popular and dyeing the tips ombre like Miranda Lambert definitely makes it a little more interesting, but this is a trend that’s on its way out,” says Adolfo Pliego, senior hairstylist at  salon in Manhattan. “She’s obviously feeling the competition that she has to keep up with Gwen Stefani. For her this is new because she’s never done this kind of look, but Gwen is the queen of this look. For Gwen it’s not trendy — she did this 10 years ago — and she looks secure with who she is and doesn’t have to be anybody else.”

Pliego says the pink hair trend is something that started with teens and transcended to adults, so anyone going for pink is after a youthful look. “Miranda is trying to make herself look young and hip — for sure that’s the reason why [she dyed her hair]. It seems like she’s looking for attention. She should have kept to the lovely blonde princess that she was — now she’s jumped on the pink hair trend that’s not right for her, and it’s a little too late.”

Pliego says women wanting a drastic hair transformation after a breakup is not uncommon, but it can be foolish. “Whenever someone comes in crying because they just broke up and they want a dramatic look, I’m always very cautious because those moments are the worst of their lives.” He says if someone who never wanted bangs suddenly wants bangs, or a natural blonde wants dark hair it’s a red flag. “As a stylist, I have to very careful because that feeling is just for the moment — tomorrow she’s gonna wake up and say is that really me?”

, colorist at  in New York agrees that Lambert’s look is a direct response to her breakup. “It’s all mind tricks,” she says. Javier just had a client who dyed their hair platinum to mimic the color of their cheating ex’s strands. “I think it’s a play on trying to get over past relationships with a silent vengeance. It’s like a mask of trying to let the other know… ‘I could care less but I know that you were shady behind my back with I-know-who!’”

No one but Lambert, and perhaps her stylist, can know her real rationale for going pink, but we can say that the shade looks good regardless of her MO. And the fact that she’s the only female nominated for a CMA for Entertainer of the Year transcends any temporary hair color.

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