Why Hollywood's Most Beloved Couples Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani's Love Is As Strong As Ever?

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are now one of Hollywood's most beloved couples, but there was some confusion when they began dating in 2015. The pair seemed like complete opposites, with Shelton being a true country guy from Oklahoma while Stefani is a California girl through-and-through — not to mention that both have wildly different fashion senses, as  previously pointed out. However, the two didn't care about any outside judgments and fell hard for each other after working as judges on "The Voice." The pair dated for five years before getting engaged and (an event , by the way).

Since then, Shelton and Stefani haven't been shy about expressing their love for each other in interviews or on social media. Now, a week out from Valentine's Day, Shelton continues to prove that he's the best husband ever with a sweet tribute to Stefani on Instagram.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are 'couple goals'

Blake Shelton gave an early Valentine's Day surprise to Gwen Stefani when his team shared a sweet tribute to her via  on February 7, cutting a performance of them performing their chart-topping duet,  The cute IG caption read, "Shefani. #CoupleGoals."

In the clip, Stefani is seen gazing at Shelton while she sings, and the two eventually hold hands. At the end of the footage, Shelton sweetly embraces Stefani, and he showers her with kisses on the cheeks. Fans couldn't stop complimenting the couple's love for each other with one fan commenting, "Y'all are so cute together and have so much fun!"

Shelton's declaration of love comes after insiders claimed to that he feels much more comfortable with Stefani by his side, which is a departure from  "He does feel different in this relationship," the source said. "Blake is much more secure with Gwen. He can trust her, and there is a mutual level of respect." The insider also noted how the two "deal with problems as soon as they surface," which helps with communication. Sounds like a successful recipe for a long-lasting marriage!