PICK OF THE LITTER Gwen Stefani, 53, reveals she’s expanded her family with Blake Shelton


GWEN Stefani and Blake Shelton have decided to bring some newborns into their family.

Gwen, 53, and Blake, 46, now have six more mouths to feed in their luxury home.


Gwen Stefani made a major announcement on Instagram last monthCredit: Instagram/Gwen Stefani



Gwen and Blake Shelton now have six more mouths to feedCredit: The Mega Agency

The Hollaback Girl singer announced on Instagram that her calico cat gave birth to six kittens.

She posted a video of all the kittens nursing from their mother about three weeks ago.

They all seemed very healthy and content cuddling in next to their mom.

She captioned the post: "Our cat had 6 sweet kittens this morning and we were all there to watch - it was such an incredible experience!! They r sooo cute."

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On Tuesday, The Voice alum shared a kitten update on her Instagram Story.

In the video, the kittens were extremely playful and they kept crawling on top of each other.

She also posted a video of a tabby cat kitten suspiciously walking up to her with the caption, "We got a walker."