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Shocking News!Nicole Kidman talks about Replacing Cate Blanchett in NEW Movie!

 has opened up her casting philosophy after she replaced in Being the Ricardos.  

In a new interview with , the 54-year-old star revealed that she felt the casting change in the Amazon drama - directed by - happened for a reason.

The actress, who portrays the legendary comedian Lucille Ball in the movie, said, 'I feel like there's a sacred pact among us all — whoever gets something, that's where it was meant to land.'

The new Lucy: Nicole Kidman, 54, talked about replacing Cate Blanchett as the legendary Lucille Ball in Being the Ricardos. Pictured at the movie's Australian premiere Dec 15, 2021

Blanchett, 52, had been a favorite to portray Ball in the biographical drama, which centers around the comedian's difficult personal and professional relationship with her husband, Desi Arnaz, played by Javier Bardem, as they film their hit sitcom I Love Lucy.

The Oscar-winning Australian actress ended up being cast in the role after Blanchett dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.  

Lucille and Desi Arnaz's daughter, Lucie Arnaz, who is an executive producer on the film, spoke about being 'devastated' when she learned that Blanchett left.

Replaced: Blanchett, 52, had been a favorite to portray Ball in the biographical drama but she dropped out due to scheduling conflicts. Pictured at Venice Film Festival on Aug 31, 2018

'It just took too long and we lost her,' she said, adding, 'I was devastated.'

Arnaz told the publication that the casting process proved to be difficult. 'None of them made me happy,' she said. 'It was always like, who's the flavor of the month? Who's got the hot movie of the minute?'

However, Ball's daughter was pleased with Kidman's eventual casting, saying, 'I thought that's good — we should only be looking at Australian actresses for this!'

Nicole's mantra: Kidman revealed her casting philosophy: 'I feel like there's a sacred pact among us all — whoever gets something, that's where it was meant to land'. Pictured as Ball in Being The Ricardos

Kidman has recently admitted that she was reluctant to take on the iconic role until director Sorkin convinced her otherwise.

While speaking to she revealed: 'I was trying to work on little baby steps into her voice and it was nowhere within reach. And I was like, "Oh, no, what have I done? I wish I had the talent to do this, but I don't."'

That's when the director stepped in and helped her change her mind through an email.

'He sent an email that was just basically, "You've got this. You're just going to have to take it day by day. I don't want an impersonation, I want you to do the work that you can do, that I know you will do. I want you not to freak out, because I believe you can do it,"' she said.

Being the Ricardos is now available on Amazon Prime Video. 

The original Lucy: Being the Ricardos centers around Lucille Ball's difficult relationship with husband Desi Arnaz as they filmed their sitcom I Love Lucy. Ball pictured

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