Celebrity New Year's resolutions:Gwen Stefani is focused on Perfecting a New Hobby with Husband Blake Shelton in 2023!


Celebrities are bringing in the new year with big plans for the future.

When speaking with Fox News Digital, stars shared their New Year's resolutions and how they plan on bettering themselves in 2023.

"I want to maintain the 'Dancing with the Stars' figure that I got out of the show. That was life changing. To be honest, I'd never gotten in that kind of shape before, and I've always been kind of a workout nut," country singer Jessie James Decker shared.


"But I really enjoyed that fitness journey on that show."

Along with getting more fit, Decker wants to continue making her three kids a priority, saying: "I want to just take more fun, adventurous trips with the kids. I just I love doing stuff like that with them." 

Fellow country star Blake Shelton revealed to Fox News Digital his New Year's resolution is that he is "going to have one less drink a day," before realizing his new show "Barmageddon" will likely make achieving his goal more difficult.


He joked it will likely force him to have "two more drinks a day."

Shelton's wife Gwen Stefani dished that her resolution is going to be ensuring she's up-to-date on the latest gardening tips. 

"I think my resolution's gonna be to make sure that I educate myself more on gardening because that's my new hobby with Blake," she told E! News earlier this month.


"And we had a failed gardening year this year. I mean, we had a lot of things against us. There was a drought, so that happened. But, we are gonna get smarter, and we're gonna have some success next year."

"Desperate Housewives" alum James Denton has a big birthday coming up, shortly after New Year's Day, so his resolution doubles as a goal he wants to reach as he enters a new decade.


"Get some exercise, some fitness things. I'm turning 60, so that's a big fat birthday. My birthday is in January, so it kind of goes together for birthday and resolutions. I've got some fitness things — not so much weight, but stupid old man things like cholesterol and stuff like that," Denton said. 

Denton explained that while he usually doesn't "pay much attention" when it comes to his birthday, "this one makes (him) cringe a little" and prompted him to make fitness his New Year's resolution.


"NCIS" actress Katrina Law is another actor who combined her birthday with her New Year's resolution, telling Fox New Digital, "I personally make my New Year's resolutions more my resolutions on my birthday," and while she didn't reveal what her resolutions were, she said she is "keeping up with them."

Actor Andrew Walker's New Year's resolution revolves around trying to live in the moment, and make those around him feel taken care of and loved.



"My New Year's resolution is just continue to try to get life to slow down a little bit more," Walker shared with Fox News Digital. "Take care of myself and my family, and my wife would probably appreciate me saying to be the best listener I could possibly be."

Meanwhile, Melissa Joan Hart hasn't really thought about what her New Year's resolution is for the upcoming year, saying she will probably choose something she will be able to achieve, rather than something unattainable that she'll give up on halfway through the year.


"I don't [know] yet. I've got to come up with my New Year's resolutions, but it's usually something like, put the phone down more, play with my kids more, try to cook some more, but I got to find one I can hold on to, maybe read a book a month kind of thing, so I can be more consistent with my reading. I don't know," Hart said.

One actress who won't be participating in the tradition, is "Private Practice" and "Grey's Anatomy" star Kate Walsh, who said, "I never do that. I'm not even going to pretend.

"I feel like every day I just try to be present and try to live a good life. I'm very grateful, I'm very lucky, very blessed."