Gwen Stefani Net Worth: How Much Money the Singer Makes


Alexa, play “Rich Girl” by . After several successful decades in the music industry, the former No Doubt singer is one of the wealthiest talents in Hollywood — and her staggering net worth proves it!  To find out her net worth and how she makes her money, keep reading. 

What Is Gwen Stefani’s Net Worth?

Gwen is worth an estimated $160 million, according to .

Gwen Stefani Has Been Singing Since the ’80s:

, Gwen is actually in her fifties! The California native first came onto the scene with rock band No Doubt in 1986.


To date, the group has released six studio albums. Some of their more popular tracks include “Don’t Speak,” “Just a Girl,” “It’s My Life,” “Hey Baby” and “Underneath It All.”

Ultimately, Gwen and her bandmates  Tom DumontTony Kanal and  Adrian Young never formally broke up. That said, they’ve been on hiatus since releasing  in 2012. “I have no idea what the future is with the band,” Gwen admitted to 


 during a March 2021 interview. “I never would have imagined that we would have put the 30 years into it that we did in the first place, you know?”

In 2003, Gwen broke away from No Doubt to pursue her solo career. Since then, she’s put out four studio albums: , ,  and .

Between No Doubt and her solo career, Gwen has 18 Grammy Award nominations and three wins under her belt.

Gwen Stefani Has Been on TV:

The mother of three, who shares kids Zuma, Kingston and Apollo with ex-husband 


, appeared on the sixth season of  as a mentor. She was also a guest mentor on  U.K. and appeared on five seasons of .

According to multiple outlets, ‘s wife was paid $10 million for her first two seasons on and $13 million for the latter three.

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Gwen Stefani Has Her Own Clothing Line:

In 2003, Gwen founded L.


A.M.B., which is an acronym for Love. Angel. Music. Baby. The brand sold clothing, shoes, watches, handbags, fragrances and more.

“I devoted every free minute to it when I wasn’t doing music, especially in the early years. But you need your own in-house pattern maker and a fully staffed sample room with skilled workers — and that’s not possible unless you’re doing it full-time with a giant global corporation,” Gwen told the 


 in 2019. “While I sometimes regret not designing full-time, I wouldn’t have been able to tour, do music and be a hands-on mom to three boys. I got to do a bit of everything and I’m really grateful.”

As of 2021, L.A.M.B. still exists, but with a focus on eyewear. “Designing eyewear is one of those things that I’ve really enjoyed. I think really it’s just fun for me because I wear glasses now,” Gwen explained in a 2020 behind-the-scenes video on L.A.M.B.’s website.

Gwen Stefani Has Her Own Beauty Brand:

She launched GXVE in March 2022. “I was just always a makeup person,” Gwen told  ahead of the launch.

“I’ve never really felt as confident as I do with this project,” the songstress said, in part, about this project. “This s–t is so real, it’s so authentic, and I don’t mean that in a cocky way, I just mean this is the truth.”