Teen 'Voice' contestant Has Coach Gwen Stefani in tears: 'That was God answering my prayers!'

Gwen Stefani is in her fifth Voice season, and she has only made it to the finale twice, with Jeffery Austin in Season 9 and Rose Short in Season 17. Those contestants both placed a respectable fourth, but the latest Team Gwen standout, Carter Rubin, seems like Season 19's overall one to beat. The teen prodigy closed Monday's top nine show — the episode determining who will make next week's final five — with a beloved Muppets classic, and Gwen was already crying happy, congratulatory tears on what already felt like Carter's finale night.

Here are some reaction shots, because a screen-capture says a thousand words:

Gwen has admittedly made some questionable decisions this season, but having a cherub-faced 15-year-old sing the Paul Williams-penned "Rainbow Connection" was a genius cute-overload move on her part – I mean, who doesn't love the Muppets? Carter made it look easy being green, channeling his inner Kermit, dedicating the sweet and sentimental song to his autistic brother Jack, and delivering the feel-good singalong moment of Season 19. As adorable as this was, though, it was also a masterful and surprisingly mature performance — not "green" at all — showcasing Carter's interesting phrasing and pretty, bell-clear tone. Even Gwen's future mother-in-law, a.k.a. Blake Shelton's mama, was apparently texting Gwen during rehearsal, telling her, "I hope your boy goes through!" But no one was as hopeful as Gwen herself.

"Oh my God! Your mom is crying. I am crying!" Gwen (who used to sing "Rainbow Connection" to her own sons) sobbingly told Carter, as she attempted to wipe her tears without smearing her makeup or stabbing herself in the eyes with her pointy, bedazzled acrylic talons. "That was flawless. That was God answering my prayers. … I'm so honored that you picked me, and I'm crying, and I'm so happy, and I love this frickin' show!"

Gwen really should love this show, now that she seems set to finally win it.