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Road of Success!Nicole Kidman's Astrology shows the Oscar-Winning Actress was Born A Star!

Nicole Kidman is  one of the most sought-after and well-respected names in Hollywood.

As a multitalented Oscars, Golden Globes and Emmy award-winning actress, Kidman, 54, has conquered the entertainment industry on a global stage — carefully crafting a historical career.

While , the blonde has conquered many genres while remaining one of the world’s highest-paying actresses. Kidman has acclaim in films like “” and ”

Having been able to largely keep her personal life out of the media’s eye—despite a painful relationship with ex, Tom Cruise—Kidman is an icon for a reason: keeping the focus on her art as the paramount of her fame and success. So was Kidman destined to be a star or did she just have lucky breaks that helped her on her way? Dive with me into the truth of what makes her such a powerful force — because  and I can see it all.

Nicole Kidman’s birth chart shows she’s a natural-born artist

With her moon linking with Venus, she exhibits a refined and artistic sensibility, radiating charm and popularity while having a taste for culture and creativity. It then links with Mars, bringing her a daring personality that allows her to focus her energy easily and showcase her individuality. Then her moon also links with Pluto, bringing her a tremendously forceful emotional intensity, which helps her to illuminate deep human motivations.

Then we get to her Mercury, which links with Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Mars! Her mental powers and intelligence are strong, leading her to know how to focus them in aggressive and ambitious ways. She can speak poetically and magnetically, while weaving in a dreamy quality with her words.

Her intuition is high, and she craves connection with others in unique, even eccentric ways. But above it all, she understands the depths of the human mind, soul and heart and can flawlessly mirror that through her expressions, movements and voice.

Nicole Kidman was born on June 20, 1967. This makes her a charismatic  sun with a fiery Sagittarius moon. Her birth time is listed online, and while I do not usually trust these unless a celeb or exec is giving them to me personally (), I’ve stared at her chart for what feels like hours because it’s…just…so…mesmerizing. I’m going to be entirely upfront: Nicole Kidman is like — one of my greatest icons ever.

There are not a lot of celebrities who have such a powerful effect upon me (and I live in LA, so celebrities hit up my grocery store and I meet them all the time because it’s NBD), but Kidman, wow, she is enchanting. This leads me back to her Scorpio ascendant — which naturally creates a rather hypnotic and awe-inspiring effect on people. , the planet of Hollywood, magic and illusion, also stands within her , blending its enigmatic energy with how she presents herself. This gives her unparalleled mystique and the ability to transform fluidly into the many different ways she’d like people to perceive her.

When I peer into her , I am struck by how many interact with her moon, ruling her emotional life, as well as her Mercury, ruling how she communicates. This is what makes her so effective at her job — she was literally born with visionary abilities to channel her emotions in profound ways and then broadcast them to others and the world.

Nicole Kidman’s career success was written in her birth chart

Is astrology entirely predictive? Well, it depends on who you ask, but I personally and professionally believe that it shows us the blueprint of who and what we can become, but it’s up to our free will to activate that potential and make it our reality. When it comes to Kidman, though, she has a truly blessed birth chart crowning her. First up: Her sector of fame, professional recognition and achievement is united with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and is ruled by Leo — the zodiac sign of entertainers and performers. Venus is also in this sector, revealing that she is loved and adored by the public, who will always find her beautiful.

Then I see that Mercury and Jupiter, which hold ties to the mainstream media, are in her sector of television, publicity and international relations. Talk about lucky! However, the fact that she has Saturn, the planet of challenges and perseverance, in her sector of employment shows that she doesn’t just rely on her laurels or good vibes. No. She is a working actress and that is what she takes pride in. The work!

As for unique planetary aspects that further expand upon her legacy, I see Jupiter and Saturn linked, bringing her great ambition that impresses those around her and people in power. She has natural abilities to work with the public. Her desire to be seen as a good force for society is important to her and her success and legacy will only grow as she matures.

Uranus, the planet of the future, is united with Pluto, bringing her the ability to help transform society by showing that she can — and has and will — transform herself before the world.

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