How Jim Parsons Really Felt About His Intimate Scene With Kaley Cuoco On The Big Bang Theory


**Easy Chemistry with Kaley Cuoco**

The chemistry between Penny and Sheldon was evident from the start of The Big Bang Theory. The showrunners picked up on that as well, and the two had lots of scenes together.

Speaking alongside Glamour, Jim Parsons revealed that the two instantly hit it off during scenes, and that the chemistry was evident from the start. The actor revealed it was always very easy when shooting scenes with his co-star.


**Shockingly Easy Kiss with Kaley Cuoco**

Kissing someone else on-camera is a nervous experience for lots of actors. However, Jim Parsons admitted his kiss alongside Kaley Cuoco was easier than he expected. Parsons praised his co-star alongside Glamour.


**Nightmare Kissing Scene with Mayim Bialik**

Arguably the most memorable scene on the show features Sheldon and Amy finally kissing. Although it was a joy to watch for fans, the scene was a nightmare for Parsons given that he was under the weather at the time of the scenes.

**Professionalism Amid Illness**


Jim recalls the experience, "I was sick with something, like a bad respiratory cold. And it was ironic because I always took care of myself, and here I am sick during one of the very rare times I have to kiss her. And kiss her several times because I knew we’d have to do several takes. I was like, This is unbelievable! I felt bad about it, I really did."

**Behind-the-Scenes Challenges and Solutions**

Parsons credited his co-star for keeping things professional and positive on-set, despite his illness.

Bialik felt sorry for Parsons was visibly ill during the shoot. Just so she wouldn't get sick, Bialik gargled peroxide in-between the several takes.