The Sweetest Things Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Have Said About Each Other


Watching  and 's adorable dynamic (both and off) brings us nothing but joy. Below, see some of the sweetest things  has said about each other. 

 can't get enough of  energy. 

“He’s such a fun, funny guy," Stefani told  in October 2015. "He just seems like such a good person. I love being around him.”

Stefani on Shelton's title of  Sexiest Man Alive


"He doesn't even like to do a photo shoot," Stefani admitted on in November 2017. "You can never convince him to do it. So he just called me like, ‘They want me to do this.' And I was like, ‘You should totally do it! You're so sexy!'"

He truly does think the world of Stefani

"How can I not be [in love]? She is the greatest," Shelton said on in March 2018. She is the greatest." 


...and her music.

It's so clear Shelton and Stefani have such a massive amount of respect for each other both as individuals and Artists. Shelton took to  in June 2018 to remind everyone that his wife is an absolute boss.

"Setting here watching @gwenstefani rehearsals it continues to shock me the amount of GIANT hits this girl has written... I highly recommend y'all catch her Vegas show if you can get tickets!!!"—Shelton 


 in June 2018

Stefani describing Shelton as a "unicorn" says it all. 

"He's so good at [], I mean, he's just so magical," said Stefani on  in September 2019. "Blake is literally a unicorn. Like anywhere he goes, people are just attracted to him, and he's such an incredible talent." 

Shelton announced Season 23 of  (premiering March 6) will be his last. "It takes a lot of work, passion, and adult beverages (Ha!) to pull off a live show twice a week," he said before shouting out Stefani. "I’ve made lifelong bonds with Carson and every single one my fellow Coaches over the years, including my wife Gwen Stefani! I have to give a huge shoutout to the singers–the ‘Voices,’ who come on this stage season after season and amaze us with their talent, and a special thanks to those who chose me to be their Coach."