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Unveiling Drama: Ranking Yellowstone's Top 4 Fiercest Brawls 🤯💥


4 Jamie Kills Sarah-Season 2, Episode 6: Blood the Boy

In Season 2, episode 6 of Yellowstone, reporter Sarah Nguyen threatened Jamie Dutton with a full exposé in her magazine after refusing to recant his statements about John Dutton. Instead of suing Sarah like John instructs, Jamie murders her - strangling Sarah to death. It's a shocking twist and a harrowing scene to watch as the desperation and rage are evident on Jamie's face. Later on, as Rip and Walker help Jamie dispose of the body, the weight of what he has done has hit him. He's deeply disturbed by the murder he's committed, and it makes the action all the more disturbing.


3 Kayce Dethrones Rip-Season 2, Episode 2: New Beginnings

Kayce Dutton is one of Yellowstone's most complicated characters. His gentle and thoughtful nature, along with his love for his son and wife, paints him as a good character. However, it's in scenes like the Rips' dethroning that it's made clear exactly what Kayce is capable of. When John's medical emergency causes Kayce to consider whose hands the ranch will fall into, he challenges Rip to a brawl for control. It's


a brutal and bloody fight that leaves both men gasping by the end. When Rip eventually falls to the floor, Kayce reiterates Rip's famous words, and one of Yellowstone's best quotes, saying, "If you wanna fight, you come fight me." With that, Kayce declares victory as the new head hand.

2 Beth's Brutal Attack and Rip's Rescue

Season 2, Episode 7: Resurrection DayThe stakes between the Duttons and the Beck Brothers reach an all-time high when the brothers send armed men to terrorize Beth in her office. The dark and disturbing beating of Beth and the killing of her assistant are difficult to watch. The anticipation of Rip's timely arrival creates an unbearable suspense that is only resolved when he hurls a chair through the glass window of her office. Rip's killing of the assailants feels heroic after witnessing Beth go through so much horror. It's one of the show's most disturbing and violent scenes that, thankfully, has a cathartic ending.

1 The Bull in The Bar-Season 2, Episode 1: A Thundering

In one of the wildest episodes of Yellowstone, Kayce and Rip unleash a bull into a neighborhood bar as revenge for the drunken customers beating up their fellow ranchers. In this brutal act of irony, the Yellowstone crew is reestablishing their dominance over the locals who try and overstep. It doesn't just stop with the bull; at the bar's exit, the men stand waiting, baseball bats in hand, and instruct Jimmy to tell them which of the men fleeing are responsible for the beatings. The brutal fight that ensues in the Yellowstone episode is a wicked reminder to respect Yellowstone's unwritten law - never touch Yellowstone workers.


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