You're Not Rubbish: Nicole Kidman shares cute possum encounter in Tasmania!


Nicole Kidman has shared a cute encounter with a possum in Tasmania, where she and husband Keith Urban are on holiday.

The video was taken at Cradle Mountain, a world heritage listed national park with spectacular scenery and an abundance of wildlife including possums, wombats and wallabies.

The video shows a possum in a rubbish bin, with Nic and Keith giving it a tongue-in-cheek pep talk about self-esteem.


“You’re not rubbish, you’re wondrous” Nic tells the furry creature as it jumps out of the bin and scurries up a wooden pole to hide in the corner of a roof.

Keith is filming the antics and chimes in, “Yeah, you shouldn’t throw yourself out like that.”

“No, don’t put yourself down,” Nicole continues before Keith adds “You’re better than that”.


Then they both have a giggle.

Click through Nicole’s post to see the video and other images:

Reese Witherspoon was quick to jump into the comments and ask “What is that thing??!!” resulting in a bunch of locals explaining that it’s a brush tail possum and sharing their stories.

“It’s [a] possum very friendly, I have mum and baby living in my roof I feed them fruits and nuts so cute” wrote one person.


“Down under we have a saying if you are feigning something – we say – he’s playing possum!!!!” explained another.

A third got the animal wrong but still had a funny response: “That raccoon ran straight home and told all his family and friends ‘You won’t believe who I just met!’ “

Nicole also shared photos of the park’s adorable wombats, which are easy to spot and get up close to along the areas many walking tracks.