WATCH: Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Forage for Mushrooms Together for a Feast


Blake Shelton is a bonafide country boy with a love for the great outdoors, and that's rubbing off on his wife. Recently he and Gwen Stefani foraged for mushrooms on their property in Oklahoma and hit the motherlode.

Stefani documented the entire experience on social media. Video shows the couple out on their hunt when Shelton suddenly stops: He's found the mushrooms, but his wife has yet to see them.


"I don't want you to show me, I want to find it myself," the former No Doubt frontwoman tells him.

"There's so many mushrooms around us right now that I've never even seen anything like this," he says with a big smile on his face.

It takes a moment for her to see what he sees, but she can't contain her excitement when she does.

"Oh my gosh, Blake, they're everywhere," she says, before shouting, "Oh my gosh! What?!"


The two harvest as many as they can before returning to the house for a feast. They make a quick pitstop along the way to cut off some branches of what looks to be an Oklahoma redbud tree.

With their new floral arrangement on display the couple enjoy some fried mushrooms together.

Stefani has shared a few of these outdoor dates with her husband of nearly two years with fans. For a city girl, she has certainly cultivated a love for being in the woods — not everyone would be willing to eat mushrooms that didn't come from a grocery store shelf.


Fans can expect more moments like this when Shelton retires from The Voice after Season 23. He said a big reason for his decision to leave is to spend more time with his family: Stefani and her three boys, Kingston, 16, Zuma, 14, and Apollo, 9 from her previous marriage to Gavin Rossdale.

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