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Rihanna compares motherhood to taking acid: ‘Trippy as hell’


Rihanna's Candid Revelation on Motherhood: A Profound Comparison

The 34-year-old music sensation opened up about her experience of motherhood, likening it to an otherworldly adventure. Rihanna, who shares her newborn son with her partner, A$AP Rocky, described the process as a surreal and mind-altering experience during an interview at the premiere of her lingerie show, "Savage x Fenty Show Vol. 4."


The Excitement of Pregnancy Announcement: A Stunning Harlem Photoshoot

The couple first announced their pregnancy in January through a stunning photoshoot in Harlem, sparking widespread excitement among fans. Their son was born in May, although the pair has chosen to keep details about his name private, maintaining a sense of mystery around their growing family.

Rihanna's Professional Clarity Amidst Speculation: Balancing Parenthood and Music


Despite the joy of motherhood, Rihanna has also faced speculation about her professional endeavors. When she announced her headline performance at the Super Bowl halftime show in February, many fans anticipated the release of new music. However, Rihanna clarified that while she is focused on the Super Bowl performance, she is also eager to return to the studio and create new music for her fans.

Navigating Uncharted Territory: Rihanna's Reflections on Parenthood

In her candid revelation, Rihanna likened the early days of parenthood to the sensation of tripping on acid, emphasizing the profound shift that occurs when one becomes a parent. She expressed awe at the profound connection she feels with her son, describing the intense bond they share as they navigate the uncharted territory of parenthood together.

Anticipation for the Next Chapter: Fans Await Updates on Rihanna's Journey

As Rihanna continues to embrace the joys and challenges of motherhood, fans eagerly await updates on her personal and professional endeavors, anticipating the next chapter in her remarkable journey.


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