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So loved up! Nicole AND Keith Oozed Romance at this year's Oscars!

For the rich and famous, a promenade down the red carpet followed by an evening at the most revered awards ceremony in film sounds just about right – and at this year’s Oscars, celebs didn’t shy away from . 

Last night, Nicole Kidman and her husband of 15 years, Keith Urban, turned heads as they  on the red carpet and spent the rest of the evening looking very loved up.

Nicole and Keith weren’t alone: Allison William and her fiancé, Alexander Dreymon, also shared a kiss on their red carpet debut. 

In fact, PDA – shorthand for Public Display of Affection – has become a cornerstone of celebrity culture.

Last year, our feeds were flooded with racy pics of  locking lips (and tongues) at every given opportunity. 

For the masses, though, PDA is much less celebrated – other than holding hands in the street or a little peck on the lips while waiting for the bus, most couples shy away from straddling one another and snogging in public. 

But some simply don’t care if the people around them feel uncomfortable, they’ll kiss and cuddle in public until the cows come home. But what does it really say about their relationship?

PDA, says psychotherapist and agony aunt , can be a symbol of a strong connection a little bit of insecurity. 

‘Some people love PDA because they are still in the bubble of their relationship,’ she tells 

‘They only have eyes or touch for their loved one, and do not need  to absorb any energy beyond the two of them.

‘The connection is strong and nourishing.’

However, there are some scenarios where PDA stems from one person craving constant validation. 

‘It’s not enough for them to know that the connection exists; they need to have the reassurance that it can be demonstrated in any setting, no matter how inappropriate,’ says Lucy. 

‘And it can also be about needing to show others “look, I am desired” or “look how in love we are”.

‘This can be the case when a relationship is struggling, or when one or other party feels insecure about the relationship in some way, or the need for validation is intense.’

This isn’t necessarily the end of the world if both parties are on board with 24/7 PDA, but it can be a little awkward if one shies away from it.

If this is the case, it’s something that needs to be discussed from both sides. 

‘Is it about proving something? Is it about trying to keep the relationship private? Is it about shame, or embarrassment, or a longing to show off?’ asks Lucy.

‘These inner needs must be acknowledged.’

From there, you can work out a compromise. 

Maybe there’s another way to give reassurance and validation, or perhaps you can agree to be a little more flirty when you’re at a party, and less when you’re at a meal with your parents. 

Either way, PDA only works when you’re both on board. 

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