DON'T MISS IT!Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball—Everything You Need to Know about New biopic Being the Ricardos!


Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball might be set to become one of the Oscar-winning star’s stand-out performances, as the late actor’s daughter described the portrayal as “astounding”. 

Fans of Nicole Kidman might have already been delighted by the announcement of the  earlier this year, but the recent release of this Hulu thriller is not the only reason the actor’s got people talking. She is taking on another hugely significant role this year as Nicole plays Lucille Ball in Aaron Sorkin’s upcoming biopic, Being the Ricardos.


It’s understood that the highly-anticipated new show will focus on Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball opposite Javier Bardem as her husband Desi Arnaz during a challenging time in both their personal and professional lives.

And Nicole has already secured one of the most important seals of approval of all.


Opening up during a recent interview with (opens in new tab), Lucille Ball’s daughter Lucie Arnaz revealed that she had visited the Being the Ricardos set for two days. 

And it seems she liked what she saw, as Lucie described it as “extremely classy and first rate”, whilst praising the star-studded cast as “really great performers”.

But it was Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball that was the performance that earned perhaps the most prestigious comment from Lucie.


"Nicole did a spectacular job,” she declared. “The two days that I watched, though, were both little flashbacks, so she was playing Lucy in the late '30s and mid-'40s. She wasn't Lucy of Lucy Ricardo fame yet, so it was a trifle different.”

She went on to add, "And I know she meant it to be, so it could feel different. But boy, what she did was astounding. She's got such poise and class."

With such a wonderful response from Lucie, fans might now be eagerly wondering when they can enjoy this upcoming biopic. Here we reveal all you need to know about Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball in Being the Ricardos...