Safe Driving Tips: 5 Common Driving Mistakes to Avoid!


1. Driving while distracted

With the advent of technology and mobile phones, distracted driving has undoubtedly become one of the most serious causes of road accidents today. Whether you’re distracted by the lunch you picked up along the way or checking your latest text message, distracted driving will increase your chances of getting into an accident. 

When you drive, it’s vital that you keep your eyes on the road and pay full attention to your surroundings at all times.


It’s tempting to glance at your phone, but your text messages and calls can wait. If you must eat, try to finish your meal or snack before getting back on the road. Even a quick glance off the road can cause your vehicle to drift into another lane or cause you to collide with another vehicle.

2. Speeding

Another common and preventable cause of vehicular accidents is speeding. Driving above posted speed limits can be a fatal error.


The faster you go, the more time it takes for your brakes to work, which means it will take your vehicle longer to stop safely It’s so important for all drivers to maintain sufficient distance between themselves and the vehicle in front of theirs so that the braking system has adequate time to bring the car to a stop. Drivers also need sufficient reaction time to ensure that they don’t hit anything from behind as well.


It can be tempting to speed up, especially if you’re running late. Even if you’re in a rush, be sure to keep your speed within posted speed limits, especially during bad weather conditions. The most important goal is to make sure you reach your destination safely. 

3. Failure to use turn signals

Turn signals are essential safety features that need to be used when driving.


They inform other motorists of our intentions so they can plan their own moves accordingly and make safe driving decisions as well. When you fail to use turn signals before changing lanes or making a turn, it forces other drivers around you to react quickly without warning. This is how accidents and collisions happen.

Do not take your turn signals for granted. Be sure to use them before turning or changing lanes.


If your turn signal doesn’t turn off automatically after your maneuver, don’t forget to switch it off so that it doesn’t keep blinking. 

4. Failure to check your mirrors

Another common driving mistake committed by many drivers is not checking mirrors regularly, or not positioning them accurately in order to view all parts of the road around you. This can result in accidents, as this will keep you from being able to see other vehicles and objects around you.



It’s crucial for every driver to always have a clear view of the road. Rear-view and side mirrors are there for everyone’s safety. Be sure to adjust your mirrors appropriately so that you have clear and thorough visibility of the vehicles around you from all angles. 

5. Leaving high beams on

Another bad habit that drivers need to avoid is leaving your high beams on when it’s not necessary. When you’re driving at night, it’s best to use only low beams or even parking lights if it’s not too dark out. High-beam headlights are only intended for very specific driving conditions, and they can temporarily blind other drivers who are approaching you. This can cause other drivers to become unable to see hazards in their path before they have time to take action, which compromises everyone’s safety.